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6204 Injection Round 45 Degree Bent Pliers

■ Beryllium copper alloy and Aluminum bronze material ■ Injection, Non- sparking, Insulated ■ AC 1000V IEC 60900 standard ■ With VDE certificate
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PRODUCT STANDARD: Beryllium Copper are Made of Expensive and Rare non-ferrous metal in good proportion. Surface Color: Golden Yellow. Appropriate for operation with hydrogen concentration below 21%. Standard Code GB Ex ⅡC. Non-magnetic. Hardness: 30-40 HRC. Our non sparking insulated tools are produced according to IEC60900 Standard, and in accordance with Germany VDE Certification. Before ex-works delivery, all tools must pass 10000V AC test(10 times of the rated voltage).
DURABLE AND QUALITY:X-Spark Injection insulated tools are Made of special insulated material and beryllium Copper; Rust-resistant; High Strength; Anti-burn, High & Low Temperature Resistant; Firm Structure, No Loosening, Displacement or Shedding.
APPLICATIONS:X-Spark Injection insulated tools are Widely used in power maintenance, power station and transmission field, precision instruments, power vessels, automatic switches and other installation and maintenance operations, which can effectively protect workers from electric shock during the use of tools.
SAFETY DESIGN: X-Spark INSULATED TOOLS ARE Single-head structure, Exposed metal part should be as little as possible, Flange on insulated handle, Insulation entirety, no crack or breakage, No joint gap between assembled insulated Tools.
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