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2207B Copper Flat Hammerss(Euro Type)

■ Copper material ■ Precision casting ■ Applied in soft workpiece and protect the workpiece damage ■ High quality.
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    【CHARACTERISTIC】: X-SPARK Safety Tools Due to the good thermal  conductivity of copper, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed  and transmitted during the friction and collision between tools and  objects, and the copper itself is relatively soft. It has good concession  during friction and collision and is not easy to produce sparks,and is  very safe.
    【APPLICATION】: Precision casting process is adopted, with high  density and strong hardness. Widely used in oil refining, petrochemical,   coal and other industries Mining, oil field, chemical fiber industry, paint    industry, chemical fertilizer industry,various pharmaceutical industries    and other places.
    【SUPERIOR QUALITY】: Smelted and synthesized qualified blank  parts, according to the size of specifications, using 150T- 2500T and  other different models of large friction press die forging;The  qualified forged blank shall be processed by precise NUMERICAL control  according to different varieties and sequence of each production line.
    【SERVICE】:  X-SPARK TOOLS has been highly praised by our new  and old customers because of our user-friendly design  concept,  excellent quality and after-sales services. X-SPARK TOOLS have been  exported to more than 100 countries and regions. We set up service  centres in Germany,Russia, South Korea,Singapore, Canada, the United  States, the united Arab emirates, in order to provide timely after-sales  service.                                                      

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