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Hebei Botou Safety Tools (Group) Co., Ltd. referred ZHONGBO Group, "QIAOFANG" trademark in 2008 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "Famous Chinese Trademark", "ZHONGBO" trademark in

2008 by the Hebei Province Administration for Industry Review finds as "famous trademark." The company has been recognized as the national high-tech enterprise, the products are sold nationwide and more than 70

countries and regions in the world, favored by the users.

Recently, the company found that some people with ulterior motives small workshop use my company's reputation, fake, fake "QIAOFANG" "ZHONGBO" brand or product, take a variety of means of unfair competition,

deliberately deceive consumers, mislead consumers to buy their inferior proof tool. To avoid consumers being taken to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in the Park Group, made ​​the following statement special.

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"Bridge protection" trademark dissent won
Release time:
2018-05-23 18:13
"Medium Bridge" has nothing to do with "bridge defense"
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