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Use and rules of hand-pulled hoist

Use and rules of hand-pulled hoist

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Explosion-Proof Hand hoist Introduction: Explosion-proof hand-pulling hoist-is a simple, easy to carry manual lifting equipment, is our independent research and development of a patented product, product Patent No.: ZL2003101096874, it is applicable in petroleum, chemical, mining, shipping, coal, oil, gas, oil and gas pipelines, power generation, metallurgy, storage and transportation,
Small equipment and goods in industries such as short distance lifting, can effectively prevent the product and crop friction between the impact of the flammable explosion, especially for the open air and no power operation, show superiority.
Explosion-proof hand hoist main parts selected copper alloy material by the large-scale friction press die forging manufacturing, chain using 800MPA high-strength lifting chain, in line with the European CE safety standards.
FBHS series explosion-proof hand hoist can be used with explosion-proof monorail supporting the use of explosion-proof manual lifting transport device, suitable for monorail overhead transport, manual single girder bridge crane and cantilever crane.
First, the explosion-proof hand-pull hoist attention matters
1. The use of overloading is strictly prohibited.
2. It is prohibited to use other power operation other than human. 3. Before use must confirm the parts intact, the transmission part and the hoisting chain lubrication is good, idling condition is normal. Check up and down hook before lifting. No heavy lifting at the tip of the wrong operation.
Lifting chain should be suspended vertically, must not be wrong twist of the chain ring, the two-line chain of the lower hook frame must not flip.
4. The operator should stand in the same plane with the bracelet wheel to pull the hands of the chain, so that the bracelet wheel clockwise rotation, you can make the weight rise, reverse pull the hands of the chain, the weight can slowly fall.
5. When lifting heavy weights, people are strictly prohibited to do any work or walk under heavy weights, so as to avoid personnel accidents.
6. In the lifting process, whether the weight rise or fall, pull the hands of the chain, the force should be evenly and gently, do not force too hard, lest the hand pull chain beating or card ring.
7. If the operator finds that the hand pull is greater than the normal tensile force, should immediately stop using.
Second, explosion-proof hand-pulled hoist maintenance methods
1. After use, the gourd should be cleaned and coated with antirust grease and stored in a dry place.
2. Maintenance and overhaul should be more familiar with the gourd body, to prevent the machine does not understand the performance of the principle of arbitrary disassembly.
3. Hoist after cleaning maintenance, should carry out no-load test, confirm the work is normal, braking reliable, can be delivered to use. 4. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean.
Brake parts should be checked regularly to prevent braking failure, the phenomenon of heavy weight.
Third, the explosion-proof hand-pull hoist the advantages
1. Safe, reliable and durable
2. Good performance and easy maintenance
3. Small size, light weight, easy to carry
4. Small hand pull, high efficiency 5. Advanced structure and beautiful appearance
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