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Application and application of explosion-proof tools

Application and application of explosion-proof tools

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First, explosion-proof tool use Occasion Explosion-proof tools--no spark safety tools made from rare precious metals, suitable for coal, chemical, oil refining, mining, oil, terrorism prevention, magnetic field, natural gas, oil production, oil and gas pipelines, power generation, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, storage and transportation, pharmaceutical, gas, plastics, chemical fiber, leather, fireworks, firecrackers and other industries, in the flammable and explosive working environment,     
Can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents.
Second, the use of explosion-proof tools and maintenance
1, all kinds of tools to remove the surface oil before use.
2, after use to wipe clean surface filth and accumulation, place dry place preservation, and corrosive substances isolated storage
3, percussion tools can not be continuously hit, each blow to promptly remove the tool to fight the site of the debris after sticking to the rust and then continue to use more than 10 times should be appropriate intermittent.
4, wrench-type products can not be used, not to use the casing or tied to other metal bar with long arm, and hammer percussion (except percussion wrench) method Knob Fastener.
5, cutting edge tools should be placed in the sink gently contact the grinding wheel for sharpening, not to force too much and contact the wheel too long.
6, knocking, smashing tools in the actual operation, must clear the site debris and the working face corrosion of oxides to prevent third party impact.
7, the use of a variety of explosion-proof tools before and after careful operation, light handle, not on the rock or cement floor littering. 8, percussion tools in the rock operations, to be exposed to the workplace water immersion, before the operation can be.
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