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“Qiaofang” trademark has been identified as a well-known Chinese trademark

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Recently, a piece of exciting news has been sent over from the State Administration Trademark Office: the “Qiaofang” trademark of the company was honored with the title of “Well-known Chinese Trademark”. The Well-known Chinese Trademarks are the trademarks in China that enjoy high reputation among the relevant public, which is the highest honor for the brands of Chinese companies. The well-known trademarks recognized by the state are required to have not only the original logo design, but also strong market competitiveness, high popularity and reputation, and leading market shares. In international practice, once a trademark has been recognized as a well-known Chinese trademark, its lawful rights and interests will be widely recognized at home and abroad, and at the same time, it will be under the corresponding legal protection worldwide, which has laid a solid foundation for Chinese companies to participate in the competitions in domestic and international markets.