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Shanghai Tools Industry Research institute Hebei Central Park Explosion-proof tool Testing Center Introduction

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Shanghai Tools Industry Research institute Hebei Zhong Bo Explosion Proof Tool Testing Center
Introduction Shanghai Tools Industry Institute of Hebei Parking Explosion-proof tool testing Center is by the Shanghai Institute of Tools Industry Testing Center, Hebei Park Explosion-proof Tool Group Co., Ltd. jointly prepared. National Light Industry tool hardware Quality supervision and inspection Shanghai Station, National Tool Standardization Center to assist the establishment, is the authority of the National Professional Testing Center, the only extension to the enterprise testing agencies, the purpose is to standardize the development, social, market-oriented product quality, to eliminate flammable and explosive sites due to the use of tools sparks safety accidents occurred.
To China's Hebei as the center, radiation nationwide explosion-proof tools and other hardware tools products industry high-end service agencies, the center was established in May 2015, Address: Hebei Botou Industrial Development Zone, Wu Gang Road, No. 2nd Zhong Bo Group
About the authority of the Shanghai Tools Industry Research Institute Inspection Center details, login Shanghai Tools Industry Institute website.
The power of interpretation belongs to Shanghai Institute of Tool Industry June 2015
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